This is the website of Richard Adrianowicz. One of my main interests is traditional songs of the sea. I recorded my first solo shanty CD in 2002 after which Peter Kasin and I formed a duet and recorded four albums (Boldly From the Westward, Cast off each Line, With Shipmates All Round, and We'll Haul and Sing Together).

What does Walkashore mean? Courtesy of the late Cyril Tawney, a walkashore refers to a method of passing from ship to shore and back again without the need of a boat, even if the ship isn't alongside. It's usually a series of pontoons and it's generally only used if the ship in question is at a fairly permanent berth.


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To access track lists click on the Albums link. You'll see an album cover. Click on the arrow just to the right side of the image and you'll see the back cover of the album showing a track list. To access song samples click on any of the album titles on the Home Page. Then click on any song title and the track will play. To purchase digital copies click on the new products link. Albums are $12 each. You can also download pdf files of album art and liner notes - there is no cost for liner notes.

More information will be added later. Right now this site is basically a store for recorded albums, offered digitally.

I'm please to announce that Riggy Rackin's albums will soon be added as well.

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